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We offer the widest range of fasteners and anchors in Slovakia.

banner Fasteners

Fastening systems

The fastening systems serves to connect two or more parts of the material or product. Fasteners can be found wherever the final product consists of at least two parts. These are mainly screws, nuts, washers, threaded rods, screws, rivets, nails, pins.

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banner Anchoring technology

Anchoring technology

Anchoring of building structures is a very extensive discipline. The anchoring elements ensure the transmission of the effects of the load from the attached objects or the structure of the anchoring base, which can be a load-bearing or non-load-bearing building structure.

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banner Railway fastening

Railway fastening

Railway fastening material is a special connecting material used for the construction or reconstruction of railway superstructures. They are mainly: coupling, clamp and sleeper screws, nuts, washers, SKL, clamps and inserts, couplings, washers, rubber washers and rails.

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BestBolt s.r.o. was founded in 2010. The family-owned company specializes in fastening and anchoring technologies. The founders of BESTBOLT have more than 30 years of experience in the sale of fastening and connecting materials.

Today, BESTBOLT is the largest warehouse of fasteners in Slovakia. We offer more than 40,000 items of fasteners in warehouse in Trnava.

Industrial and commercial companies rate BESTBOLT highly for our professional technical advice, fast and reliable deliveries and complex customer-oriented services.

We offer complex solutions in the field of fasteners. We supply connecting material according to STN, DIN, ISO, UNI or PLN and GOST standards, or according to the submitted drawing documentation.

The largest warehouse

The widest range of fasteners in Slovakia, more than 40,000 items
in warehouse in Trnava.

Technical support

We provide our customers with professional technical advice in the field of fastening and anchoring technologies.

Express expedition

When ordering before 11:00,
we will ship the goods on the given day.

Product certification

All products undergo quality control guaranteed by EN ISO: 9001: 2015

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